Saturday, December 01, 2007

As the Stomach Turns....

I'm probably going to have to make a new blog just for this new telenovela (soap opera) that is all about where to have lunch and it happens about the same time every day.

Iguana Blanca
calle 7 no.72 x 6 y 8
colonias Garcia Gineres

This weeks episode starts with lunch with Suzanne and Keith at Iguana Blanca an Italian 'Cocina Economica' in a 60's suburb of Merida. The football game that the cook was watching when we came in was quickly switched to La Costes lounge music on the same TV, via SKY, and the sound bounced off the spotless white ceramic tiles and ubiquitous cement block walls until I finally asked for the owner to 'bajar el musica'. Lucas the owner is so nice and the place is so popular with expat's that I'm baffled as to why I don't "love" it. I've always liked what I've eaten here but I've never overwhelmed. Still if you must have lasagne it's usually on the menu here. I'll always remember this as the lunch where Suzanne confirmed that I had more venom than blood surging through my body. p.s. Lucas does catering

UPDATE: JUNE 11, 2008

Tio Will
calle 70 no. 506 x 65 y 63

Around the corner from my house. I'd never eaten here til yesterday. Josh's parents gave us 24 hours notice and popped in from San Diego. Yesterday on the menu were pork fajitas something I did not see anyone ordering and something else I'd never heard of. I'll have to go ask Tio Will what the spelling was. It was shereaded pork patties in a pasilla chile sauce that made my head spin and my heart patter. I'll probably go back to Tio's for breakfast this morning.

Update: Feb. 7, 2009

Tio Will seems to have disappeared yesterday and left the kids in charge of the kitchen. The first choice was enchiladas suiza which generally means we don't have anything in the house but some old tortillas, some inferior cheese and a can of green sauce. 2nd choice was breaded pork filet which means freezer to microwave to the breadcrumbs while the grease heats up. I went for the 3rd choice which may have been sitting around for a couple of days but was definately sitting around getting cold about the time Josh and Suzanne's pork hit the breadcrumbs. Tio Will get your ass back in the kitchen.


I eat lunch at this Japanese restaurant in Campestre at least once a week and sometimes we have dinner at the Colonial Mexico on Thursdays when the rolls are 1/2 price. When everything is 1/2 price it seems just like the place around the corner from "your" apartment in NY. This Thursday we had dinner there with Seamus and Abe right after their pilates class. Eric and Charles picked us up and we ran into Fritz & Werner who are always leaving a restaurant that we are arriving at. Hugs all around. I always order the Teka Maki and the Maguro Maki. Suzuki rolls made with fresh sea bass and tempura rolls when they are hot are divino.

El Cangrejito
calle 57 no.523 x 64 y66

Went here with Josephina who just got back from 4 months in Buenes Aires...She came to see my new house which was finished while she was gone. When I suggested we have lunch at Cangrejito she almost fainted. "No it cannot be" Turns out her parents used to have the Cangrejito come and make tacos around the pool at home when she was a kid. When she was married El Cangrejito was the favorite of her new Swiss husband and that was at about 35 years ago. So when we got there and it was the same and owner was alive we quickly ordered our cevezita's and got down to business. And recently I discovered that it was possible to eat 5 or 6 merengues after you think you could not put another thing in your mouth......

UPDATE: June 11, 2008

I am still eating lunch here almost every week. It has become a favorite of most of our guests at Urbano Rentals too. But lately there is a disturbing trend I've noticed when I ask for the bill and there is more than one blond at the table. They just make up the bill and when I ask for a printed copy of the bill it has dropped about 100-150 pesos. It does not keep me away but it is really annoying after all these years to be treated like a tourist....

UPDATE: Feb 7, 2008 Still loving Cangrejito and holding my breath when the bill comes.