Thursday, January 10, 2013

Oh no, It's Wednesday!

Yesterday we went to Miyabi for lunch but Miyabi is closed on wednesdays.  Pez Gordo is next door & so.... They have a new menu. The first thing you see is a long list of ceviche's but you don't want to order ceviche here.  Also they have another long list of platos (main courses) but you really don't want to be sitting on those uncomfortable chairs next to a TV blaring music videos any longer than it takes to eat a few tacos.  They have a new chile relleno taco which is an jalapeƱo stuffed with tuna & cheese that is delicious...too hot for my friend from Paris but not for me.  The Olympio taco which looks great on the menu and sounds great..sashimi blah blah blah is actually awful.  Over marinated blobs of tuna they replaced with a Crochi.  Crochies are very good fish or shrimp tacos in a crunchy tempura-esque batter with a creamy xcatic chile sauce.  It's a good fast food restaurant if you stick to the fast food.

The real dilemma was finding a place to have dinner.  Frida was mentioned. Even Pancho's was mentioned.  We thought about just having quesadillas at Mescaleria or a snack at La 68... So on our Parisians last night in Merida on her 4th visit...we went to Rosas & Xocolate... I hadn't been since last new years day Jan. 1, 2012.  One always hears that NOW R&X is really good and it never is.  Well last night to our amazement it was actually pretty darn satisfying.  J & C ordered the fried fish (grouper) with avocado appetizer and I had the octopus aguachiles ceviche with habanero sorbet..sounds stupid but was excellent.  They loved their fish too.  Then there was a mixup and while I thought I was ordering a veggie plate with mashed potatoes I just got the potatoes.  (my mistake) Josh had the mixed vegetable side dish. So we split the difference and we were both happy.  Cathy had an nice arugula salad. We drank a bottle of French Vigonier/Chardonay after searching for an reasonable red Mexican wine...not to be found.  Coffee and a few chocolates from the boutique in the lobby and we were ready for a drink at Fundacion Mescaleria.  Even the jazz upstairs wafting through the downstairs alfresco dining room was pleasant.  Maybe Rosas & Xocolate is finally NOW a place you can have a good meal.