Thursday, February 03, 2011

If I can't eat at home

I eat at Miyabi. In fact I do eat at Miyabi often. It's one of the three places I eat lunch almost every week. It get's a little noisy at dinner so I go less often in the evenings. I like the seaweed salad and the salad with pickled octopus or scallops. Soft shell crab rolls and the roll with avocado & tuna on the outside with tempura shrimp on the inside...yummy & fresh. The first time I tasted the miso it sent me back to Tokyo for the first time in 20 years...not bad. Great Iced Green Tea. In fact I've never had anything that wasn't good at Miyabi. Sometimes the bill is painful but otherwise...I love it.

Calle 34 no. 396 x 39 & 41
Colonia Emialiano Zapata Norte

I'm pretty sure I ordered the wrong thing at the cute little seafood taco stand in the Montecristo neighborhood of Merida. It seems to have promise and it came hightly recommended. The little eatery sits behind a little food cart parked in a garage next to Bryan's. The first thing on the menu are crab burgers made with shrimp and not crabs for some reason and they might be delicious if you can eat raw onions (and I can not). Next we had tacos. There are 4 offered and we tried them all. Unfortunately 3 of the 4 were breaded and had been sitting out getting cold all morning. Or maybe they were in the fridge from the day before because I don't see how anything in the Yucatan could be cold at 2pm on the last day of summer with 99% humidity and 95°F. The were octopus, grouper and shrimp. And they would have been delicious perhaps if they were even room temperature or warm but alas they everything but yummy. I'll go back once more to try other things but I'll not only ask them to turn down the music when I sit down, hold the onions and serve me only freshly made food. Otherwise I don't see the Punta!

Punta Del Mar
Calle 18 # 117 x 5 x 7
Fracc. Montecristo
Merida, Yucatan

Tel. 252 6590

I've been back and it was better but I'm not a fan like a lot of other people I know.  It's a place you can go if your in the area and your hungry but it's not a destination.

I heard Punta del Mar closed and I still go often to Miyabi.