Wednesday, June 11, 2008

6 Months Later...

I realize it's been 6 months since I posted a new restaurant or a review. Well here is something new and below I've updated a few places.

I've recently had a change of heart about La Pigua thanks to Sir Francis Drake. I'm bored with the menu at Frida's. It's great if you've never eaten there or you don't live in Merida but I'd like to see her add a daily or a least a weekly special for us desperate locals who like her kitchen. Villa Maria has finally made a change in their menu but it's in the wrong direction. The big change is they raised their prices. The menu is tired. It's been 4 years.... change it!! Every time I think of going to Pane e Vino I drive downtown, park, and discover it's Monday and they are closed. But it was still good and still dirty the last time I went.

My conclusion after almost 7 years in Merida is this: Lunch is still better, cheaper and easier to digest than dinner. I end up eating a lot of seafood. Each week I go to El Cangrejito for tacos, Marlin Azul for filet of Grouper and Campay for sushi. (yes I still eat sushi) The worms have already eaten that part of my brain that makes one cautious about what one eats. I drop into a cocina economica most weeks and I'm rarely disappointed. I started going back to an old standby called Platos Rotos in Garcia Gineres. I'd give it mixed reviews for sure but there are some very good things there. The problem is figuring out what they are on any given day. The posole is always good.

Yet another Italian has moved to Merida and opened a Pizza restaurant. Pizzeria Raffaello calle 60 and 49. It took him a couple of months to get the crust right but on my recent and 3rd trip it was perfect. The toppings are all fresh. The only problema is there is no wine or even beer. The good news is they deliver in centro. tel 924 99 43 Rafaello also spicks the english.

Good Luck