Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Something Fishy

Calle 62 at the corner of 63.
Open for lunch til 5

Aquamar is something I never thought I'd see. A good restaurant on the Plaza Grande. It's a little room with 3 tables that seat 11 people. There is another table for 4 by the kitchen. I've never had to wait for a table but I'm sure that will change. The fresh and flaky filets are thicker than most of the other restaurants down town. The problem is that they run out of filets most days around 2 or 3 or whenever I walk in the door. I like equally well the octopus ceviche or in ink. The mixed seafood ceviche would be perfect were it not drenched in a local green oil called gary. So one must remember to say hold the oil. The shrimp tacos are great but you must wrap your mind around the double un-kosherness of bacon and shrimp. They come with grilled onions and avocados on home made tortillas. They seldom have the empanadas or the whole fish. It is a great mystery why they run out of food because they are owned by La Pigua.

AQUAMAR IS CLOSED. I ran into one of the waiters who told me they are looking for a new place to rent in Centro.

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Ellen Fields said...

strange place for a restaurant, but sounds interesting. i'm gonna' check it out. thanks, JP!