Monday, December 30, 2013

Oliva, Like Vultures on Roadkill

I've gone often to Oliva only to find it shuttered.  Perhaps I always go on Sunday.  Below is the phone number in case you are the sort of person who likes to plan ahead.  My misgivings have turned into forgivings for the moment.  Upon entry Oliva just looks like any other Italian Deli/take out place from the 80's in New York but then you realise it's the dawn of  2014 and you are in Merida.  As it fills up, which is rapidly, as there are only 4 or 5 small tables, it becomes  as cozy as your favorite neighborhood haunt. When you can't get a table you order take out and go around the corner to your home to wait.  That is your first mistake.  We ordered at 8.30 the other night and got our cold food (which we devoured like vultures on roadkill) at 10.15...all of our order did not arrive and so we made a quick call which did get us our other two meals a little quicker.  It helped that the person who did not get her food is the neighbor of the owners I believe. When I say misgivings it's because I'm not the one to order pasta in a restaurant even if the chef owner is Italian and the pasta is home made like Oliva's. When I say forgiving it's because I've heard so many good things from so many people that frequent the place that I can forgive my first and only meal so far being stone cold squid ink noodles with rubbery overcooked squid and shrimp.  I believe that had I been served that meal hot at the table and sent it back, as one should, it would have come back to me promptly and perfectly cooked.  I have decided to be optimistic in 2014 and I've started practising early.  Like so many recommended places in Merida I'm afraid it's hit or miss.  I expect to update soon.

Updated 15 January 2014

At last I have succumbed to the charm of Oliva. The ravioli stuffed with goat cheese (Il Capretto) and served in subtile sauce of pimento and tomato was perfection.  The large green spinach salad with roasted beets and avocado (minus the bacon for me) was enough for the 4 of us to have more than a taste.  Everyone raves about the La Carbonara.  Yes it's worth waiting for a table in person given the long wait and cold food at the end of a phone call.

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