Friday, December 22, 2006

Cocina Economica

If you'd have grown up in the Yucatan you'd have been lucky enough to have been eating this food all your life. It's fast food made by Grandma. It might literally be in Granny's living room. The construction workers take out from here. The rich folks in the suburbs send their maids out to collect food from these places. And you can wander in to one and pretty much bet on having your best food experience in Merida. They generally offer 3 or 4 dishes per day.

I go to a place that I don't remember the name of on calle 54 between 39 and 41 on the right side of the street.

see Lorna Gails recommendations here

all of my neighbors rave about Tio Will. I've got to go before we sell the house.


Ellen Fields said...

The best one we've found so far just happens to be around the corner. I can't even remember the name. (It used to be Casa de Los Tornillos...House of the Screws...but that has changed).
Anyway, it has two meals each day to choose from, and both are just like your mom would make you for lunch around here if you had one (a mom around here). We reviewed it a long time ago on our website too:

Since we wrote that article, the place has gotten much more popular and if you get there too late, you'll find they could be out of food. I think they feed half the neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

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