Friday, December 22, 2006

Get out of town

Calle 26 #208 entre 25 y 27
Any food fiend at all would just get off the plane and go directly to lunch at El Principe Tutul-Xiu for lunch in Mani. The only good Poc-Chuc I have ever eaten comes from this outdoor restaurant. It is perfection. Have a local Montejo beer and guacamole. Have dessert.

Update Nov. 2007 They have a new location of El Principe Tutul-Xiu in Oxkutzcab that is just as good but not as ambient as the Mani location.

Hacienda Temozon del sur
Even if the food is not good (and sometimes it is) you'll enjoy this restaurant. You might need a reservation on holidays and weekends.

Hacienda Ochil
It's a parrador with fine craft shops, a museum and lunch on a beatiful veranda under whirling fans and peacocks. Well hopefully not under the strolling screaming peacocks. Decent local food in an exceptional setting.

Update Nov. 2007 They now have a buffet on the weekends that's really nice. The food has improved here recently and they have cleared the land in the back of the restaurant and now you can walk down to the cenote.

calle 27 x 28 y 30
Near the pyramid Kinich serves very good local cuisine. The meat is overcooked but everything else is fine. The parrots name is Paco.
Hacienda San Jose Cholul
near Izamal
perfect place to eat. you might have to ignore the food. Sometimes I think they get the gardner to fill in as cook. Sometimes when the cook shows up the food is very good. They seldom have a full house but during holidays or high season you might reserve.

Hacienda Tepich
between Merida and Acanceh
The bunny that you might find on your plate has most recently resided on the ground floor of this funky hacienda near the Mayapan ruins. The Chilmole Pavo en Relleno Negro is divine. It's a stuffed turkey in a blackend chile pepper sauce. Great place to eat if your not from North Dallas.

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