Friday, December 22, 2006


Dream On. Chances are you have better Mexican food where you come from be it San Diego, Berlin or Podunk. The Yucatan is not famous for it's Mexican food. You can eat at Panchos or Las Brasas. They both have decent (sort of) mexican food but you'll be disappointed. here are a couple of places that you can have taco's that will not disappoint

Drive along calle 20 between Circuito Colonias and Parque Itzima in Colonias Mexico Norte and look for the mobile home with a crowd on your left. If you eat here for breakfast or an early lunch you may never eat anywhere else. You'll pray daily that they open a location closer to home and expand their hours. Yucatan Living's website has photos.

The best coffee shop in town is nearby. Caffe Latte is just off the southwest corner where Av. Perez Ponce dead ends into Itzmna Square.

Ana Sabrina
Saturday at Noche Mexicana
Sunday in Santa Lucia Park
Beautiful Ana Sabrina and her beautiful tacos only on weekends. My favorite Papas con chorizo. Sunday in Santa Lucia can be fun. A flea market, live Swing & Salsa, great dancers and people watching. I love her, I love her food. Soulful.

UPDATE: June 11, 2008

I'm not the only one who loves Ana's food. Mark Bittman from the New York Times came to Merida and raved about Ana and her taco stand. Surely she will open a restaurant soon. Till then it's Sunday's in the Park.

La Reina de Itzalana
Santiago Market
57 x 72
They are not called tacos but the local fast food here is excellent. Five years ago when we were building our first house we ate here 3 or 4 times a week. The panuchos and salbutes are the best. All the tamales are great. I like the simple consume more than the lime soup but they are both exceptional. The fresh fruit aguas and liquados are great. There is a decent ice cream stand a few steps away toward the church.

La Parranda
60 x 59
I never ever go here but it is a chain that has decent food. I don't go here because they took over the space of my favorite old coffee shop that had the feeling of Havana in the 50's. Not that I was in Havana in the 50's, mind you. Anyway order the tacos al pastor a hybrid combo of Mexican/Lebanese origin. It's the best place to people watch. Around the corner is one of the best places to shop for crafts, Codice at 59 x 60.

UPDATE: June 11, 2008 Codice is gone so there is no where to shop at all. Have an extra beer and take a nap instead.

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