Friday, December 22, 2006

My Favorite places around town

If you have a car or know how to hail a cab chose to have dinner outside of centro

Kilometer 12 Merida/Progresso highway

Our first stop when guests are in town or for a holiday treat. Mostly the food is very good but I've sent a rare steak back to the kitchen twice be be thawed! They were not amused, neither was I.The hacienda is a luxury hotel with a day spa as well as the gourmet restaurant. If you've had enough gourmet in your life (and I have) then try the local cuisine here. I always sit on the terrace 'malgre' the mosquitoes and barking dogs from the village. Ask the to turn off or turn down the volume on the elevator musak. If you sit inside you risk being subjected to the live music which runs the gamut from "Feelings" to "My Way" with a drive by shot at Chopin. Now that I hate Nectar I'd say it's your best bet in town for having a good meal. Roll the dice.

Avenida 1 no. 412 x 66
Colonias Diaz Ordaz

Is it Fusion or confusion? Sometimes it's hard to tell in this trendy, tastey and pricey place. It's three years old now and having some of those awful adolescent growth spurts and ugly pimples. All of our favorites are not on the new menu. The best waiter in Merida has been replaced by the cutest and most obnoxious!. The sommelier from hell! The valet will not want to park your rented chevy pop so take a taxi. I took Travel & Leisure magazine here 3 years ago and that put them on the map with tourists. The locals love it too. It's the place to see and be seen. Go late. The wine list has gotten progressively worse as they run out of stock and ideas. There is no shortage of ideas where the food is concerned. Even the hamburger is out of this world....and I don't mean fabulous darling. They have even re-invented the cesar salad. I'll go back because where else am I going to eat with clients and friends but don't ask me to be nice. I want my waiter back and I want the duck chimichangas back on the menu. And for gods sake learn how to make a fricking martini! hint. It's not vermouth with a splash of Vodka!

calle 19 no 206 x 22
Colonias Mexico

Dying for sushi? It's worth the risk. If you're not Japanese eat here and you will most likely be happy as a tick on a poodle. WARNING!!!! Philadelphia Cream cheese is too Merida what Spam is to Manila, sophistication on steroids. That said the tuna is fine, the sea bass (robalo) extra fresh and yummy. The Octopus is great and I usually toss it out anywhere else. The fall / winter is the season for Octopus and the Japanese flock here to fish for the finest Octopi in the world so order this for a treat. Other local fish they seem to ignore but sometimes you can have good shrimp, conch or crab. The tempura roll is very fine indeed. Aside from the cream cheese hurdle you'll want to "just say no" to the soy sauce with lime. Since we eat here often they are Gringo sensitive. Thankfully the horrid waiter has been promoted to manager and the service is now adequate. I could not live here without Campay!

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