Friday, December 22, 2006

Tourists Traps

I don't go to these places ever but I know people who do. See the reviews on everyone elses website.

Portico el Pergrino
57 x 60 y 62
Pretty but they always make me feel like a tourist. I never get to the food because the groveling makes me jump out of my skin.

59 x 62 y 60
Those wily Trotters have done it again....inside Joke but the joke is on you if you eat here. It's like a Mexican restaurant at Six Flags over Texas. It's not the food that's bad necessarily. It's the music, the costumes and the ambiance. Down a half bottle of Herradura before you go and maybe you won't notice.

Bella Epoca
60 x 59 y 61
Like the village in NY or the Latin Quarter in Paris there are just places that you want to avoid gastronomically. If you cannot avoid the Bella Epoca then sit upstairs on the balcony. (2 tables only) and only order the panuchos and guacamole. If you fall into the trap don't blame me.

El Burladero
57 x 62 y 60
We went here 4 years ago with the writer from Travel & Leisure. Since then it has been sold and should be avoided at all costs. Well okay, go inside. Have a shot of tequila. Look at the decor. Go to the bathroom. Leave.

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Ellen Fields said...

I think the panuchos at Bella Epoca are great. I don't like anything else I've ever eaten there... but the panuchos with beer on the balcony are a perfect dinner. In my opinion, of course...