Friday, December 22, 2006

Not my favorites

La Tratto
Prolongation Montejo no 479
The ambiance and decor says "I want to be a model in South Beach circa 1990". Too late, baby. The menu can be found in any mall in any town in the USA. The service is sweet, so what. Every one is nice in Merida. The pasta is overcooked, surprise. You get 2 for 1 pasta on Wednesday and 2 for 1 steak on Monday. But you have to eat with people who want two for one pasta on Wednesday or 2 for 1 steak on Monday. The sauces are to die for. Literally you could die if you eat the steak au poivre or any of the pasta sauces. Avoid, Avoid, Avoid. I go here once a year, inevitably.

Circuito Colonias between Calle 60 and ProlongaciĆ³n Montejo
While you are avoiding La Tratto you can go to the Trotters newest restaurant. The ambiance and decor here say "I'm shopping in the basement at Macy's circa 1980 and I need a knosh, now". It's a bistro, whoppee. It's full of the creme de la creme of Yucatan society. These are the people who brought us Cancun and their BMW driving spawn. It's not about the food. It couldn't be. Otherwise they would not call Elmers glue and potatoe flakes "Mashed Potatoes". It's about being seen spending a lot of money for mediocre food and oxiodized wine. But dear reader being happy that you have a place that is so lovely to do it.
Sit at the bar. If you can take your eyes off the bartender watch the crowd. Have a couple of drinks. Order something. push it around. Order a couple of drinks. Stumble out to your car. See how many BMWs you can smash on the way out of the parking lot. PS. I go here all the time.

Prolongation Montejo and the rail road tracks
I ordered the Bolognese sauce on spagetti here. I got a plate of meatloaf with a spiral of pesto on a bed of pasta in a watery ketchup sauce. I was not even surprised. Another diner ordered the Arrabiata and she had the same watery ketchup sauce with some tabasco added. YUM, YUM. I am surprised that this restaurant is still open 4 years later. I went back once with friends from NY to show them the Brooklynn Bridge replica and the Statue of Liberty in a kidney shaped pool. But I restricted myself and my guest to beer, vodka and peanuts.

Los Alemedros
50 x 57
Widely reccomended. Why? Poorly prepared food in a sad cafeteria environment. Even the original verson in the village of Ticul is mediocre. Run don't walk!

Peon Contreras
Ulysses thought the Sirens charming as well but on closer inspection he learned the Sirens can be lethal. So is the cafe at Peon Contreras. There I've warned you silly sailors. Steer clear.

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