Friday, December 22, 2006


calle 13 x 36
Colonias Buenavista
German deli. Real & real good. Best bread in town. Troll ambiance.

Calle 21 No. 107 at Calle 22, Colonia Itzimná.
Nice house, Nice neighborhood. Bad Art. Bad Food. Too bad we could use a good Spanish Restaurant.

El Meson del Segoviano
50a x 57
Another Spanish restaurant. I have been here once 3 years ago when it opened. I'd give it a second chance if I ever thought about it or if I were in the neighborhood and hungry. The setting is lovely.

Casa Lucia
Santa Lucia Park
calle 60 x 55 y 53
Reminds me of alot of neighborhood restaurants in Milan from my former life in fashion. Marble and glass and laminated menus. It's not at all a bad choice for lunch. I eat there all the time. It's never been great and it's never been bad. The desserts are the only real disappointments here. They are sitting there staring at you all through your meal and they look great. They all suck. I have tried them all. They suck. I know they look really, really, really good but they allsuck. Yes the pecan pie, the chocolate layer cake, the carrot cake and even the cheesecake suck. Sorry. Have that order of fries and skip the dessert. Even the bathrooms make you feel like your in Milan.


Ellen Fields said...

I think Beltraneja is gone already... we drove by there the other day and there was a different name on the sign....

JPP said...

We went back to Meson de Segovia for lunch last week. It was fantastic. Much better than 3 years ago. Will go back again next week and write a review....